Do you need intellectual property protection?

Intellectual property protection can involve little or no additional cost to a business, as long as the business knows what it wants out of its intellectual property. To register a federal trademark, copyright, or patent, the applicant must pay a fee. However, depending on a business’s needs, an intellectual property lawyer can explain how to get protection for certain intellectual property without the cost of registration.

Intellectual property can be one of a business’s most valuable assets and should be embraced, not avoided because of perceived complexity and cost. By consulting with an intellectual property lawyer, a business can learn the value of its intellectual property and explore the ways these assets can lead to even greater success.

The phrase “intellectual property” may elicit thoughts of complicated drug formulas, cryptic software programs, and, perhaps most importantly for many businesses, the excessive cost of protection. However, experienced intellectual property lawyers can make intellectual property protection accessible for any business.

An intellectual property lawyer will make clear that intellectual property can exist in a wide range of business assets. A business’s name, documents, and methods of operation can all be protectable intellectual property, whether the business is developing the next miracle drug or setting up a corner coffee shop.

Consultation with an intellectual property lawyer can also reveal important types of intellectual property that must be protected from the moment they are created. Any delay in protecting these “trade secrets” may result in a loss of protection. Most businesses have something that gives them a competitive edge because their competitors do not know about it. Whether it is a secret recipe, a great list of customer contacts, or an unprecedented way of doing business, these are secrets that are key to a business’s success. An intellectual property lawyer can explain how to protect these secrets and make sure they continue to provide that competitive edge.

Dispelling the myths of intellectual property protection

  • Many businesspeople may think that intellectual property protection is overly complicated and expensive
  • Intellectual property lawyers can work with businesses to dispel these myths
  • Intellectual property rights can exist in a wide range of business assets
  • Obtaining protection for intellectual property does not have to cost a lot
  • An intellectual property lawyer can help a business identify its intellectual property, including valuable trade secrets
  • Consulting with an intellectual property lawyer will allow a business to identify and protect its valuable intellectual property

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