Get in the driver’s seat: Filing the Complaint


When you decide to file a lawsuit, you get the advantage of starting out on offense. Experienced trial attorneys know that maintaining this advantage can be critical in determining the outcome of a case.

At Northwest Business Law Group, we understand the strategic advantage of being a plaintiff, and know how to maintain that advantage. Many firms will file your complaint, wait a month for the defendant to answer, and move on with discovery from there. Because discovery is your opportunity to find out what your opponent knows about the case, and is often necessary to gain mastery of the facts at issue, we seek discovery from day one. That way, the minimum amount of time allowed under the rules of civil procedure passes before we have the other side’s information in our hands.

As a plaintiff, you have been damaged in some way and want relief as quickly as possible. There is no sense, then, in waiting longer than necessary to move the lawsuit along. If you are looking for legal counsel with a proactive approach designed to achieve your goals quickly and efficiently, call the attorneys at Northwest Business Law Group today.

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