How do I recognize potential liability for my business?

Whether your business is an art gallery in Portland’s Pearl District, a daycare in Beaverton, or a new restaurant in Willamette Valley’s wine country, your success depends on getting customers through the door. And although there is no doubt that the more customers the better, you should know how to protect yourself against the liability that comes along with opening your doors for business.

Of course, adequate insurance is an absolute must for every business. However, insurance can only go so far. Our goal is to help our clients understand where liability may arise in their individual businesses so that they can take preventive measures from the beginning.

Liability comes in different forms for different businesses, and it may be hard to anticipate. A few examples are:

  • Our gallery owner will need to consider what level of care he is required to exercise on behalf of the artists whose works he displays versus how much he needs to protect his patrons from slipping and falling.
  • Our daycare owner will need to determine how many employees she needs per child and what kind of screening she should do for new hires.
  • Finally, our restaurant owners will need to understand how much responsibility they have for making sure a diner at the end of a long day of wine tasting is safe to drive home after dinner.

Our goal is not to scare our clients into seeing potential lawsuits hidden everywhere around their businesses. Rather, we help them to identify risks and work with them to develop solutions that will prevent future liability. And, if the rare lawsuit does arise, we let them know that we are there to defend their businesses and protect them from all sources of liability.

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