Ironman Coeur d’Alene


After successfully completing my 2nd Ironman race, I will take away some lessons and apply them to my law practice. Tell me if these feel relevant for your business:


  • Anticipate that some key piece of gear will break or fail you when you need it most. Arrange for redundancy when possible. Better yet, be prepared to make do without.
  • Never give in to panic. Invest a few moments to take stock of your situation, regain your composure, and assess your options.
  • When facing a disappointing result, do not get stuck on it. Assess it quickly, put it in context, draw immediate lessons (if any) from it, and move on. Remain in the moment and concentrate on what you’re doing.
  • There is no substitute for preparation. Overlooking the smallest thing – (salt pills) – can spell the difference between a run to glory and a painful slog to your “B” goal.
  • Never assume you are fully prepared. Someone else has almost always faced possible difficulty before you; they are almost always happy to help if you only ask.


These lessons will stay with me forever. They will touch everything I do. Ironman® gives them a permanence nothing else could. They are part of me now.


More than anything, I walk away with the confidence of knowing that I have confronted many challenges in the face of pain and difficulty, and that I succeeded in finishing the race stronger than last time and in far better time.


What challenges have you recently faced in your business and succeeded in taking a new path and finding a better result? Are you building your capacity and endurance to perform better at work?



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