Self-Help is the Path of Thorns

When was the last time you faced a troublesome situation? What did you do?


Some situations are so striking that they immediately demand the intervention of professionals.


Have you fallen, and you can’t get up? Call the paramedics.


House on fire? There’s a quick call for that one too.


Have you ever been in a situation where you needed legal advice?

What did you do?


Practicing law may not be brain surgery, but that only means that nobody is going to die (usually) if you screw up by trying to fix things without professional help. What you don’t know can hurt you –really, really badly. Even if you are a lawyer yourself, your inability to maintain an objective focus is likely to harm your prospects if you try to represent yourself.


It’s not the initial screw-up that usually gets you – it’s the attempt at self-help. If you’re pulled over for speeding and the radar gun is busted, it’s the bashful admission to the cop that dooms you where you could otherwise have fought the ticket.


It is the same in matters of greater importance. If you’re accused of harassment, you may have a defensible position, but admit some lesser bad conduct in an attempt to placate the boss, and your job is finished before you can stand up for yourself.


Self-help is the path of thorns. Whoever you choose to represent you, call a good attorney as soon as you even think you may need professional help. Don’t hesitate because you fear the cost of representation, you may end up saving more from proper advice. If you make the facts worse on the ground by trying to help yourself, you will make things much harder (and inevitably more expensive) for yourself.



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