Should I file a lawsuit to protect my rights?

Wine lovers around the world have discovered the exquisite pinots that Oregon’s unique climate produces. If you own a vineyard that produces these sought-after grapes, you know the value of having your operations run smoothly. What would happen, then, if your barrel, cork, or bottle provider all of a sudden stopped delivering on time? These kinds of disruptions can be costly for your business, and it is important for you to know your rights when the unexpected occurs.

Although it is unlikely that any businessperson actually relishes the idea of getting involved in a lawsuit, sometimes situations beyond your control get in the way of running your business. Because you need to focus on your continued success even while pursuing your rights in court, it is crucial for you to partner with an attorney you can trust to navigate the legal system and advocate for the remedies you deserve.

Before filing a complaint in court, your attorney should get to know what your true goals are. After all, if your attorney can negotiate for guaranteed delivery at a discount on future shipments, this might be the ideal result for your business and will avoid the time and expense of a lawsuit. On the other hand, if negotiations are not successful, your attorney needs to be able to see you through the entire litigation process, from developing your claims, through discovery, and all the way to a winning result at trial.

When the unexpected happens to your business, you should not be left alone to figure out what your rights are. You have a strong interest in keeping your business running smoothly, and the rest of the world has a strong interest in maintaining an abundant supply of our delicious Oregon wines—an experienced litigation attorney can help you protect these interests.

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