The Northwest: A Place for Sustainable Businesses to Flourish

It’s no accident that Northwest Business Law Group’s founders and staff ended up in the Pacific Northwest. This is a unique and special part of the country that we all feel provides us the atmosphere and opportunities to practice law consistent with our fundamental values of conservation and sustainability.

As viewers nationwide will soon realize when they tune into the Independent Film Channel’s new series, Portlandia, our home city has developed a reputation for its environmentally friendly ways. Unlike the show’s characters, none of us has ever left a restaurant mid-meal to visit the farm where the chicken we were about to eat was raised to make sure it had enjoyed a sufficiently humane upbringing. However, we do make a conscious effort to make informed, sustainable choices in our actions both in the office and outside of work.

Although attorneys are notorious for their ability to blow through reams of paper in the blink of an eye, seemingly adopting the mantra that when it comes to paper, more is definitely more. At Northwest Business Law Group, we have rejected that model and instead use a paperless system whenever possible.

We have also found that many of our clients here in the Northwest are similarly rejecting the status quo and finding ways to operate their businesses in environmentally and socially responsible ways. Like our break from tradition in the legal field, these clients are finding innovative ways to forgo their industry norms, achieving success in their fields while providing an additional service to the environment.

As a business that strives to adopt sustainable practices itself, Northwest Business Law Group understands local entrepreneurs with similar values. Whatever a business’s sustainability objectives, we work hard with our clients to keep their businesses running smoothly, successfully, and sustainably.

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