The strategic importance of business lawsuits

When deciding whether to file a lawsuit, our clients often consider whether the amount of money they stand to recover justifies the legal costs. Although this is a critical analysis, we find that business owners often fail to consider the potential costs of not pursuing their rights.

For example, say you have one employee who quits, only to start a competing business using your trade secrets. So far, you may have only lost a small amount of business to your former employee, which you may feel doesn’t justify the investment it takes to pursue a lawsuit. Consider, though, the long-term effects. Your former employee’s business could continue to grow, taking more and more business away from you as the years go by. Other employees, seeing such success and noting that there didn’t seem to be any consequences for the first employee, may decide to do the same. By failing to pursue your legal rights, you may have let a minor annoyance turn into a major problem.

You have worked hard to build your valuable business. Together with your attorney, you must always individually consider the advisability of pursuing a given legal claim. When doing so, it is important not to overlook the importance of standing up for your rights and letting the world know that you mean business. The value of a lawsuit can go beyond the amount of money you stand to recover, and the lawyers at Northwest Business Law Group can help you maximize that value.

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