Want to be taken seriously? Seek professional help.

When you are faced with a potential business dispute, it may be tempting to try to resolve it on your own. For example, say you own a bakery and were thrilled to receive an order for all the desserts at an upcoming corporate convention. After a couple of all-nighters, you proudly deliver your cookies, cupcakes, and scones, along with your biggest invoice yet, to the convention organizers. You patiently wait for the check to arrive, but after a few weeks and several calls seeking payment, you realize that it simply is not coming.

You could keep fighting to get paid on your own, calling and sending letters demanding payment with little credible threat that you’ll take legal action if you don’t get paid. Or, you could have an attorney send out a letter on his or her letterhead, with citation to legal authority clearly supporting the position that you should be paid.

When someone owes you money, you want to be taken seriously. In our experience, only a demand letter from an attorney conveys the message that you are serious about asserting your rights and that you are willing to take whatever steps are necessary to get paid.

Especially as a small business dealing with larger and more powerful companies, you need an ally who will act on your behalf and refuse to take no for an answer. If you are serious about your rights as a business owner, Northwest Business Law Group is there to fight on your behalf, providing the credibility you need to get noticed and get paid.


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