What can you do if you are having trouble with a city or state regulation?

Imagine you own a restaurant. If the government were to come in and take away your license to operate, your business would come to a screeching halt. Although this is an extreme case, even a lesser government action could have harmful results. Unwarranted reports of health violations, for example, may damage your reputation and cause you to lose valuable customers.

Almost all businesses are subject to some form of government regulation. Cities and states have jurisdiction over many kinds of commercial activities, from professional services of doctors and accountants to the sale of food and alcohol in restaurants. Licensing authorities have enormous power over licensees, and adverse governmental action can be devastating to a business.

Despite the seeming imbalance of power between licensees and the government, it is important to know that your business is not powerless against oppressive or unwarranted government action. Government agencies are required by law to abide by a set of statutory rules, and they may not enforce laws in an arbitrary way.

If you feel that a necessary license for your business has been unfairly denied or revoked, if regulators are enforcing laws in an inequitable or discriminatory fashion, or if you are facing requirements that have no legal basis, you do not need to sit idly by. If your business has been subject to adverse agency action, a skilled advocate will be your voice against the agency and your guide through the administrative process.

We will start by negotiating with the agency to reach a mutually agreeable conclusion. If that doesn’t work, we are not afraid to go to court to stop the agency’s unlawful actions and uphold your rights. Whatever it takes, we are here to see your business succeed.

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