What do employers and employees need to know about the law?

What do employers and employees need to know about the law?

Employment law is a complex and ever-changing area. Both employers and employees have rights and responsibilities, and knowing the law will set them on their way to an enduring and valuable relationship.

As last week’s employment report made clear, businesses are starting to hire again. This is great news for employers and employees alike. Whether you are starting a new job or taking on additional employees, you should know your rights and responsibilities.

Employers must comply with both federal and state regulations, many of which will depend on the type of business they are running and its size. On the other hand, employees should know what their employer can and cannot require of them. The employment relationship can be a mutually-beneficial and harmonious endeavor that works best when both parties are informed about how the laws protect that relationship.

Employment law is not just about lawsuits. Whether you need help negotiating the terms of your employment agreement, you want to know what taxes you as an employer are expected to pay on behalf of different categories of workers, or what to do when an employee gets hurt at work, understanding the law is the first step in making any employment-related decision.

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